Blantyre offers a variety of extraordinary spaces for your stay.

The Main House features luxurious suites and rooms full of history, character and comfort. The Carriage House is a short walk from the Main House and provides a diverse selection of rooms and amenities close to the spa and pool. The Cottages are self-contained residences for those looking for more solitude or family gatherings. We invite you to explore and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Dining is a very special event at Blantyre. Late every afternoon, the Main House undergoes a lovely transformation as we prepare for the delightful dining experience to come that evening.

Linens are brought out, tables are set with sterling silver, fine china, crystal, and fresh flowers. Beautiful music fills the air and candles are lit. Under the knowing eye of Chef Joe Schafer, the kitchen is a hive of activity as the finest ingredients are used to create a memorable dining experience.


Brief History

Robert Paterson was introduced to the Lenox area in the late 1890’s by his friend John Sloan (of W&J Sloane). Lenox already had many great estates, prompting the area to be known as “the queen of inland resorts” or, as Cleveland Amory wrote, “the Switzerland of America.”

Paterson acquired the Lenox estate of 220 acres called “Highlawn” from the Dorr family. He tore down the modest house, keeping the outbuildings. Hence, the Carriage House Stables and Potting Shed date from the late 19th century. He set about building a property on a grand scale, although the initial plans were purported to be drawn on the back of an envelope by the architect, Robert Henderson Robertson. Robert Paterson’s concept was for no less than a castle of “feudal architectural features,” replete with towers, turrets and gargoyles. The house was modeled after his mother’s ancestral home in Blantyre, Scotland. Construction began in 1901, at times employing over 300 people on the grounds and buildings.