Blantyre Hot Chocolate Menu



Blantyre Hot Chocolate Menu


All served with house made marshmallows, whipped cream and banana bread


 Blantyre Milk Chocolate

  “Alexander’s Favorite” – simply yummy and wonderful.


Blantyre Semi Sweet   (Classic blend)

 Blantyre’s classic blend with semi sweet chocolate.


Amando Madagascar (Dark chocolate 70%)

 This chocolate is perhaps a bit untraditional with its strong fruity flavors that include hints of citrus and berry and shows  wide range of flavors possible in cocoa.  It is absolutely delicious and one that you will remember for its incredible flavor.


Valrhona Guanaja (Noir Chocolate 70%)

The origins of Valrhona Chocolate trace back to 1922 in the Rhone Valley of France.  Keeping with the outstanding French chocolate making craft, the mission of Valrhona has been to create exceptional chocolate, utilizing the natural aromas of various cocoa growing regions.


Solstice Uganda (Uganda Bundibugyo chocolate 70%)

Premium chocolate bars handcrafted from fine cocoa grown in Bundibugyo.  This area is part of the flourishing growth of cocoa farming in Uganda.  This dark chocolate has a subtle bitterness of cocoa powder with fresh earthy hints of berries and tree fruit


Callebaut White Chocolate and Coffee   (White chocolate with a shot of coffee)

 For over 120 years, the name Callebaut has been written in chocolate. Today they are proud to support chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers and ice cream makers all over the world with a mouth watering expansive line of chocolate products.


Valrhona Caramelia (Cocoa 36%)

Soft, rich and voluptuous, Caramelia stands out with its rich milky flavor and compelling taste of salted butter caramel.



$15.00 per person plus 18% Household Fee and 7% state and local tax


If you would like to spice up your hot chocolate, please ask to see our after dinner drink offerings.