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Project Description

Riverview Cottage

Relaxed yet refined, this welcome oasis delivers inspiration.

Discover the new Riverview Cottage, a spacious one-bedroom accommodation carefully curated with signature furnishings from the popular lifestyle brand of home décor. Apart from the king-sized bed with custom-made bedding from this iconic brand, guests can find respite through the crisp earth tone features, carefully woven rattan furniture with brass accents and patterned wallpaper dappled with hues of green and grey. Whether it’s nestling near the cozy fireplace or immersing yourself into breathtaking views of the verdant flora and fauna from the private outdoor patio, a serene escape at the Berkshires doesn’t get much better than this.

In Brief:

-Bedroom, king bed
-Sitting room, fireplace
-Outdoor patio
-Soaking tub and walk-in shower
-Square Footage: 571′

Room Reservations