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Body Treatments

Lavender Dreams

90 minutes $255

Our Lavender Journey spa body treatment was developed to bring you to a place of pure serenity. Beginning with a full body dry glove exfoliation, followed by warm lavender infused paraffin booties applied to the feet to immerse the body in comfort while a gentle scalp massage is performed. A relaxing lavender infused massage follows for an experience relaxing your body and mind.

Blantyre Honey Buzz

90 minutes $225

A gentle body exfoliating treatment using nature’s most mysterious elixir – pure natural honey – with cornmeal. Next you are rinsed with a Vichy shower, followed with honey-infused soy oil to impart nature’s beneficial emollients to restore a warm natural dewy glow to the skin.

Gift from the Gardens

90 minutes $255

Begin with a warm herbal tea selection while the therapist reviews your journey. Join your therapist at the Blending bar to create anaturall body polish for you. An aromatic body polish is performed in the thermal suite followed by a gentle rinse with the Vichy shower. An herbal-infused oil of your choice is massaged into your skin to present a dewy finish.

Seasonal Body Polish

60 minutes $165

As the seasons change so does your skin. We love to celebrate the season with a body polish that lends to our surroundings. Our aromatic body polish with natural buffing grains are worked onto the skin to exfoliate and refresh. A quick rinse is followed by an application of a light lotion to leave skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Garden Mint Hand & Foot Therapy

45 minutes $125

Invigorate your body from the feet up! This revitalizing treatment begins with a warm therapeutic foot bath. While the feet are soaking, a gentle balm infused with garden mint and horse chestnut is applied and a warm paraffin treatment is applied to help reduce strain on the wrists and nourish the hands. A massage of the calves and feet is performed and a paraffin treatment is applied to the feet to seal in the essential oils and moisturize the skin. A wonderful addition to any spa service.