Herbal Hydration Facial

90 minutes $215

Hydrate your face with all-natural herbs designed to leave your skin feeling like new.

Calendula Healing Facial

60 minutes $165

A nourishing facial treatment for stressed and dry skin.  A traditional European facial with a gentle massage using healing Calendula infused Soy oil to heal and protect the delicate skin on the face and décolleté. Natural ingredients designed for recovery of skin cells are worked into the skin, bringing a natural glow.

Rose Nourishing Facial

60 minutes $165 | 90 minutes $215

An aromatic journey through the garden with the nourishing elements of garden flowers.  This traditional facial incorporates ingredients from the garden for a cleansing and hydrating facial that leads your senses on an aromatic journey.

Custom Facial

90 minutes $215

Feed your skin with rich natural ingredients from the garden.  With products made with recipes steeped in knowledge and tradition, we will customize your facial for your individual skin needs.

Line-Refine Facial

60 minutes $165 | 90 minutes $215

Turn back the clock with our Line-Refine Facial, designed to minimize the appearance of age and leave you feeling younger than ever.

Brightening Facial

60 minutes $165 | 90 minutes $215

Put your best face forward and brighten your expression with our facial crafted to remove dull skin, nourish it, and create a glow from within.