All of our massage treatments are customized to each guest.  Your therapist will perform a thorough consultation to understand your needs before designing a treatment drawing from a number of massage techniques to increase muscle relaxation, improve circulation, and increase overall wellbeing.

Blantyre Massage

60 minutes $175 | 90 minutes $225

This is a therapeutic massage utilizing a blend of massage techniques to suit your needs.  Allow our highly skilled therapist to guide you through a massage experience incorporating a blend of bodywork methods ideal for you.

Arnica Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes $175 | 90 minutes $225

This deep tissue massage begins with heat therapy and our signature arnica infused oil on the upper back and shoulders, naturally releasing tension allowing the therapist to work deeper in the muscles without residual pain.

Aroma Journey Massage

60 minutes $165 | 90 minutes $215

A Swedish style massage using medium pressure is enhanced by our selection of potent aromatherapy oils. The aromas help relax the mind and body as the therapist relaxes the muscles.

Berkshire Stone Massage

90 minutes $225

Enjoy a full body massage at our Berkshires spa using a combination of hands and warm stones to ease sore muscles. Beach stones tumbled by the surf, combined with basalt warming stones, make this a truly memorable massage.

Maternity Massage

60 minutes $175

Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a nurturing massage designed to meet the special needs of a mother-to-be in her second or third trimester. Experience soothing techniques designed to ease muscle soreness, tension and improve circulation.

Detoxifying Massage

60 minutes $175

Designed to purify your body, this massage will coax out negative toxins and rejuvenate you.

Our Lenox, Massachusetts spa is a relaxing place to receive a massage. However, we can also arrange for luxury massages in your room for an additional 25%.